Letters of Support

“I have known Chris Greacen since he was a boy growing up with my two sons and have even visited with him in Thailand, where his wife’s family live. I was pleased to learn recently of his decision to become a candidate for an open position on our school board.

Chris Greacen is an outstanding candidate. He understands complex issues and will bring to the board the broad perspectives his work abroad has given him. Moreover, while very articulate in expressing his views, Chris is a good listener and will work well with other board members, and he will have the respect of administration and staff.

And Chris is passionate about education. He cares about learning and is a super-learner himself, having excelled at Lopez High School, Reed College, and the University of California at Berkeley, where he earned his Ph.D.

In addition, Chris is devoted to community. He cares about issues that affect us all, environmental, governmental, and social. He will reflect very well the values that guide our small island community.

Finally, Chris is a devoted and involved parent. In spite of his many commitments, he engages with his family. You will see Chris enjoying time with his children, his wife, his sister and brother-in-law and their children, and his mom.

To me, Chris Greacen represents the best of Lopez.”

Richard Ward, Lopez Island

“Could there be a bigger success story of a local student benefiting from the Lopez Island School District from elementary through high school than Chris Greacen?  Though he went on to get his Ph.D., his success is not just academic, but as a well-rounded citizen of the world, son, husband, father and community activist.  Chris has shared his intellect and expertise in public interest energy technology and policy in many under-resourced countries.

His passion and commitment to teach grassroots individuals, as well as convene regulators, utility personnel, NGO’s and others is exemplary.  He is also currently familiar with the school district’s issues, having served on the school’s Tech Committee, as a math tutor, and as an engaged parent of two children in the school.

I am excited that Chris is willing to now bring this energy, commitment, and intelligence as a volunteer school board member.  We would be foolish to not recognize this opportunity and support his candidacy accordingly.”

Michael Karp, Lopez Island.


“I first remember meeting Chris Greacen when he was a small child – playing in the woods near his mother’s house on School Road.  Later, after he graduated from Lopez high school and before attending UC Berkeley, Chris came to volunteer at Coho – the second affordable housing neighborhood developed by Lopez Community Land Trust.  Chris was fearless on the roofs and a quick study with all the construction instruction.

I knew him as a brainiac – a deeply intelligent person and I was so impressed that he was equally adept with his hands and willing to give so much of his precious summer to our project. Over the last 10 years I’ve gotten to know Chris and his family.

This is what I have come to know: Chris has a lot of integrity, he is as compassionate as he is analytical. He applies critical thinking to problems that at first glance, seem insurmountable.  He is a deeply committed father, a wonderful husband to Chom and a good friend to Rhea and me.  Chris is loyal, thoughtful and curious.  He applies a lot of ingenuity to his daily life.  Chris is generous – I watch as he juggles the demands of his work, balances his family life and yet still shows up to volunteer.  He is light-hearted and fair even when facing tough issues. Chris is a good listener. I can see his attraction to serving on the school board both because he is devoted to his own children getting a good education and also because he is firmly committed to the broader community of children receiving a good education.

He loves teaching – I have gained so much from being in meetings with Chris as he describes the inner workings of a solar panel or the global financial markets that influence the drop in prices.  I am envious that the school gets to have Chris as a board member – I along with others can only wish Chris would serve on our boards.

I am voting for Chris not because he is a perfect person (though he is darn close) but because he is willing to learn and grow and serve the school community with a sense of humility. How fortunate we are to have someone of this caliber to serve on our school board.

I encourage everyone to vote for Chris Grecean for Lopez School Board.”

Sandy Bishop, Lopez Island

“Chris is a deep thinker, calm under stress, conscientious and responsible.  He has so much to offer our small community and we should take full advantage of his availability to help our school.”

Kirm Taylor, Lopez Island
“The school board needs empathetic listening and active responsiveness toward the many voices that come forward, whether it be parents, guardians, grandparents, students, teachers, staff, or community members. The board equally needs further outreach so that ALL are welcomed in a safe environment. Chris has had many experiences with Lopez School, both as one who has spoken out and as one who has listened. With those experiences and his professional skill set, Chris would be a valuable asset to the school board.”

Sarah Rabel, Lopez Island.

“Chris Greacen is running for the Lopez Island School Board. I think he’d be a fine choice.

He is smart and kind, and able to translate the technological into common use language. Personally invested, his two kids are in Lopez Middle School and Lopez High, both of which he attended. His whole family helps our island be the best we can be. Having done a fair share of volunteering for various school and other learning programs, I always find his family among the others, volunteering. He and his lovely wife, Chom, have helped me understand complicated issues, seemingly effortlessly. A man of his word, he always makes good on his intentions.

I believe he can and will help our community. Please take the time to vote for him.”

Jack Tate, Lopez Island


Lopez is fortunate to have Chris Greacen running for school board. He combines a willingness to serve our community with his technical and business expertise, giving our school board a capable leader.

Chris brings to the board his experience of attending Lopez school, his experience as being a parent of students in the Lopez school, and his connection with many in our community. Chris understands how to balance integration of new technologies with respect for how things have been done on Lopez and the practicalities of operating as a small, rural school district.

What a great package deal Lopez gets with Chris: Dedicated, knowledgeable, caring, committed to our community and an overall good spirit. Thank you Chris for running for Lopez School Board.”

Sally and Tom Reeve, Lopez Island

“We have complete faith in Chris as a loyal, diplomatic, inclusive and thoughtful board member.”

Scott Steckler & Janet Baltzer, Lopez Island

“I’m writing to express my support for Chris Greacen for the Lopez School Board. Many fine and true things have been written by supporters of his in this race, and I cannot improve on them and will try not to repeat them. I will say that it seems that Lopez School has been a springboard for him that launched him on to a successful academic career at UC Berkeley and a very interesting and successful career working on clean energy and rural electrification. I had the fun of working with some of the Berkeley students Chris brought here when they were working on a community solar study in the County a few years ago.

I have also had the pleasure of working with Chris on the Islands Energy Coalition working on various ways to deploy renewable energy throughout the County, OPALCO rate structure and permitting of renewable energy projects. All of these projects are difficult and take a long time to come to fruition and I have always observed Chris as tenacious, patient and easy to work with. He absorbs information, explains things well and listens closely to others. Both he and Chom have been an on-going inspiration for me in my own work. I think it’s great that he’s willing to put himself forward for this challenging and difficult position. I also think it’s pretty cool that he’s coming back to work as a Board member for the school that got him started. That can’t help but be a good model for the students. I’m sure he will do a good job, and I commend him to you as very worthy of your vote and support

Rick Strachan, Lopez Island

“Over the last eight years that we have lived full-time on Lopez, we have gotten to know Chris Greacen and his family.  Chris is a thoughtful, conscientious, and kind person who has spent many hours volunteering his time on the island.  These qualities along with being a good listener and a creative thinker are what will make him an effective team player on the School Board.  As a successful graduate of the Lopez school system as well as a parent of students currently attending, he is in a unique position to understand and weigh in on the issues and challenges facing our school.  We are lucky to have someone of his caliber willing to devote time and energy to this extremely important position.”

Scott & Ande Finley, Lopez Island